CEO family home

In many ways one can look at running a home like running a (mini) business. A temporary business. A MBA. Since kids grow up and there are many years ahead for other businesses (one that is more streamlined in a single direction towards your strengths). On any given day the following job descriptions might be applicable in any family home: project manager, chief negotiator, head of strategy, HR, admin clerk, cleaner, driver, nurse, caterer, travel co-ordinator, financial planner, seamstress, interior designer, baker, gardener, property manager, handy-(wo)man …. get the picture?

I once read that one should embrace all opportunities, since you never know when you’ll need it again in future. Even when it seems like the most arbitrary-type of ‘experience’ (who said trying to negotiate a two-year old out of pajamas in the morning is arbitrary?). You never know, in time to come you may be the next police negotiator in the place of Samuel L Jackson. We can view all these ‘opportunities’ as a type of sieving-mechanism to see what our future should present more of. And what we know we definitely should avoid at all costs in future (ok, other than poo-diapers and aeroplane noises).

The moment one starts to view the job as a CEO position rather than an unlucky situational disaster, its possible to thrive in this position. Family holiday and no time for you to relax? No problem. View the holiday as a business trip…. See what i mean? Easy. When do we get to have a holiday? On monday, when the nanny comes in, or in the mornings when the kids are at school. Use this time wisely, guard it with your life, and prioritise what you need to do with this time.

As soon as we view the tasks involved with running a family home as a grooming for a future job, it all seems more interesting. So the next time you are sitting in home-affairs queue applying for a unabridged birth certificate so you can sit in another queue to apply for a visa so you can be put on hold to change a flight you booked, pretend you’re a travel agent and make a note to yourself that perhaps in future this is not the career you wish to pursue. So for now, try to change your mind-set and make a mental note of unexpected enjoyment in new ‘job-descriptions’.

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