Child-friendly Stellenbosch

I am often asked by friends and visitors where to eat-out in Stellenbosch with children. I’ve put together a list of my current recommendations. Whether it’s for a quality day out with the family or a quickie to get some fresh air when your adorable child changes from a loving, happy cherub to an al-qaeda terrorist, you can’t go wrong at any of these spots.

We are spoilt for choice in Stellenbosch, but here are my current Top 5 (Nov 2011):

Bodega at Dornier Wines:

Children love the boat shaped jungle gym, the sandpit and the swings.

We love the funky bright colours, the sundowner platter and the salmon fish-cakes.

Open for lunch / dinner (thursday-saturday evenings only).

The bonus is that the jungle gym is directly next to the terrace of the restaurant and the staff are ultra friendly to children.

Dont leave home without your camera to capture the picture-perfect setting.

Delicatessen at Tokara Wine Estate:

Children love the age appropriate jungle gymS and quirky “bird’s nest” hide-out.

We love the elegant table settings, fine glassware and Origin coffee.

Open for breakfast / lunch.

The bonus is a wonderful fire-place with couches for mom and toy-baskets for the littlies on a rainy day.

Dont leave home without a strong shopping bag to stock up on your olive fetish at this spacious deli.

Eight at Spier:

Children love the squirrels, the dome-shaped jungle gym and the mini-table with crayons.

We love the beautiful seasonal ingredients, freshly squeezed juice and the sound of the river. And the carrot cake.

Open for brunch, lunch and tea-time (till 4pm). Tea-time is a must (did i mention the carrot cake?).

The bonus is a walk to the cheetahs, eagles, ponies and ducks to work up an appetite.

Dont leave home without old bread for the ducks.

The Long Table at Haskell Vineyard:

Children love the secret garden and all the space.

We looove the view, the coffee and the spicy breakfast.

The jungle gym is slightly tucked away, which may be inconvenient with younger children.

The bonus is a cosy fire-place for winter.

Don’t leave home without a little bit of patience as the service is slightly slow, although extremely friendly.

Colcacchio Restaurant:

Children love the dough to make their own pizza-biscuits.

We love the early dinner, fresh draught, and outside setting.

Dont leave home without wheels for the kids: a lovely square for tiny scooters.

In brackets, also woth a mention …. La Pineta Restaurant = Children (and husbands) love the bouncing swings.

Don’t leave home without the courage to watch your child scale the stairs of the tallest slide.

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