From a wintery wine valley

Ok, so we live in the wine valley and we have decided that life is too short for bad wine (when i was younger, i believed it was too short for dirty socks, but hey, what can i say, i’ve moved on).

Wintertime, for us, is synonymous with curry-red-wine-and-a-roaring-fire (well not always a fire that is exactly roaring, and not always such a good curry since I tend to burn everything I cook, but this post is about wine, so we’ll focus on that).

All time favourite reds:
High Constantia Sebastian
Nr 2
Camberley Shiraz

And others:
• The High Road, berries picked from a variety of selected high altitude vineyards)
• Tokara Director’s Reserve Red is a delicious blend for a special occasion. (Not so mad about the name tho, a bit poncy don’t you think?)
• Springfield Method Ancienne, a beautiful combo of old vines and new french barrels
• Graceland, I just love the elegant Three Graces and the funky flower-power labels. The owner, Sue, does it all herself and is quite remarkable.
• Tamboerskloof Syrah

Never write off a good ol’ dry white on these glorious sunny winter afternoons

• Bartinney Chardonnay, the vines are on a 45% incline requiring labour to be done by hand and the property has 5000 newly planted indigenous trees plus another team of ladies doing it all.
• Oak Valley, I love this stuff at the moment, also a leafy spot with over 4000 oak trees, pure bliss.
• Cape Point Vineyard
• Aredsig Chardonnay
• Kleine Zalze family reserve if you’re into Sauvignon Blanc

There are obviously many many more, but these are our main stock at the moment and mostly close to our doorstep.
I love the hemel-en-aarde valley for beautiful wines but I don’t get there often to taste and stock up. When the sun is shining, the beach always wins over wine-touring. Watch this space…

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