Mobinomics book review on Amazon:

Three revolutions changed the face of South Africa, the economic powerhouse of the African continent, in 1994.

The first was democracy; the second was the Internet. But the real signal of change was the arrival of an electronic device that would put undreamed-of power into the hands of the people: the cellular phone.

In a country where less than 4 per cent of the population had access to a landline phone, mobile telephony opened the gateway to a brave new world of communication.
Today, more than 90 per cent of South Africans own a mobile phone, and they’re not just using them to talk to each other. Mobiles have become tools of education, entrepreneurship, trade, empowerment, activism, media and upliftment.
Mobiles have also become the hubs of the most powerful force in modern communication.
The social network – bringing people together in an interchange of ideas, opinions, chatter and commerce, which is changing the way we understand and define communities. This is the story of the biggest and fastest-growing social network in Africa.
A network that took shape in the townships of the Western Cape and has grown to be part of the lives of more than 50 million users in 120 countries, sending more than 23 billion messages a month.
This is the story of Mxit: a community of millions, a cultural force with its own economy, its own infrastructure, its own language and its own traditions.
This is the story of Mobinomics, a compelling and insightful journey into the new economy of mobile, and how it is connecting people and changing lives.
Read it and be moved by the power of mobile.

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