My truths about pregnancy


Third time around and I’ve spotted a few trends (I’m a slow learner):

  • People love babies. Your tummy is now public domain; there is no use in being selfish with the bump. People want to touch it.
  • People see a bump. You’ve been reduced to a lovable bump with yourself attached to it and that becomes the conversation topic, get used to it.
  • You don’t drink? You’re on your own. Plenty of hands keep wine glasses full, but not so many top up your glass of filtered water with a slice of lemon, get ready to refill your own glass.
  • Shiny nails, hair and skin, but behold the dreaded varicose veins and stretch marks. Learn to look good even when you don’t feel great, and keep the whining to a minimum. You’re part of a miracle. (And nine months is a long time to whine).
  • The final trimester! Finally you look pregnant and not just like you stole a box of donuts without sharing them.
  • The sweetest little kicks.


    Yes, its real, there is an actual little person inside getting ready to stretch its limbs!

  • Cultural preferences and gender equality are still all but dead in many parts of the world. We’ve done a lot of traveling, and I cannot believe how many people unashamedly wished me a boy. (Then again, I don’t have to travel further than the golf tee-box outside our house to be wished a boy by the local caddy!)

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