At the beach

A week in Umngazi

I’m a firm believer in the saying “there is a time for everything”.

There is a time to go off-road. There is a time to go by plane. There is a time to embrace luxury. But with two toddlers in tow and another one baking at 34 weeks, none of the above are a serious options.

Today is the time for having meals taken care of, children entertained and putting feet UP.

Enter Umngazi 2013.

In the heart of the wild coast, this magical spot is 90kms from Umtata, where the Mgazi river and the Atlantic Ocean converge. The weather is mild and the water is warm enough for a dip (clothing optional). Except for cows, a deserted sandy beach makes for the perfect daily walk (or jog, if you’re not sporting an enormous baby bump).

Meals include hearty helpings of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner. The buffet has fresh vegetables & salad (right down to healthy sprouts, olives, avos and home-made dressings, yum!). So eventhough you’re probably over indulging on the delicious desserts, you have the opportunity to off-set the nasties with some goodies. The kids have their own dining room and are very comfortable with their own mini-tables and chairs.

Your only worry is to emerge from your afternoon nap  int time to make to to the tea-time table!

Nannies and endless entertainment complete Paradise-for-mom. There is so much to do that my four-year old fell asleep in the sitting position during lunch! Between arts & crafts, jungle gym, swimming, crab races by torch-light, and bonfires on the beach there is little time to miss mom.

The wine list is fab – all our favourite Stellenbosch labels found their way to the Transkei – but the coffee isn’t exactly Legado quality. Eventhough we are big coffee lovers, we decided its a small compromise and would probably pack our Nespresso machine next time.

Soooo, if you’re entertaining young troops all day and find yourself in need of a rest, be sure to sign up, but do so well in advance, since Unmgazi runs at 95% occupancy and most people renew their bookings annually a year in advance!


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