My top 5 joys of Hypnobirthing

I know i’m killing this topic, but with baby due in two weeks, i’m kind of consumed with it at the moment – if i could get-a-life and go for a run, i would! But instead i’m enormous and on a self-imposed bed-rest.

Zen cartoon

I’m reading my Hypnobirthing book by Marie Mongan, as i do before every birth, and this is my third. It gives me the same inspiration every time. No mother-to-be should skip this book, even if the whole hypno thing isn’t your scene, it just gives a fascinating history of birthing and a great sense of calmness about birth that is otherwise so rare in regular conversations!

“Childbirth is not only a physical achievement, but also a spiritual one.”  This is fundamental to the whole miraculous episode, and ties in with the ancient philosophy that birth is a celebration of life!

1. Intimacy:

To me, birthing is as intimate as the act of getting the baby there in the first place. No spectators, no bright lights, and no urgency.

With only my beloved at my side we share in this rare miracle together. His job is to remind me to relax, make me laugh and share his coffee with me!

A caregiver is on stand-by to assist in receiving our baby, she is vital to our peace-of-mind, and shares our trust in the natural process. A room full of positive, joyous excitement.

2. A shorter birth:

Birth moves faster when mama is allowed to relax and focus on good ol’ breathing. It is further shortened with fewer people around, every extra stranger is said to add an extra hour to the labour.

Have you ever seen an animal mother in labour? She seeks out a quiet spot to peacefully meet her young. Often, inconveniently for you, a shoe-cupboard!

The atmosphere is filled with calm anticipation and marvel at nature’s wonder, which is allowed to unfold at its own peaceful pace.

3. No drama:

At the first signs of labour, I simply do ….  nothing & go nowhere. There is no drama, no grab bag, and no hospital admission forms.

There are no rules, I can play music, light candles, go for a moonwalk in the knick. I can involve siblings and drink coffee. Afterwards I soak up the euphoria in my own shower and cuddle back into my own bed.

My husband and other children all share in the treasured moments equally.  We all get to know and love our new little baba together. The result is a truly rewarding birth experience for the entire family.

4. Happy mama = hands-off:

Both Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about birth that “nature is the best physician” and it should be allowed to function without “meddlesome interference”. Birth was looked on as a beautifully orchestrated natural function. (In the absence of fear, the body naturally produces endorphines that are 200 times stronger than morphine!)

In hypnobirthing the mother’s body is respected equally as it would be during any other time… when a doctor says “you’re 5cm dilated” it means somebody has performed an ‘internal examination’. Physically. You-know-where. Now that is not my cuppa tea!

5. Happy baba = warm welcome:

The baby simply moves from a little home in the womb into s new home in loving arms. A comforting welcome by familiar voices.

Not only nutrients pass through the placenta to the baby,  but also emotions. Therefore greater feelings of enjoyment, love and respect affect the baby directly, leading to a serene arrival. Our baba nr1 arrived with a sneeze, and baba nr2 with a smile!

My wish is for every healthy mother to experience this joy designed especially for us!

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