Strawberry fields forever

Life is busy, so I choose the path of least resistance.
2009 Q3 - 090
That means choosing healthy fruit and vegetables that are in season. They’re easy to find, in a delicious condition everywhere you look, and cheap.

For us right now, it’s strawberry season. Gotta love it. (Need I give a reason?)

Strawbs tick all the boxes: a meal, a snack, and a dessert. Oh they make my life so easy.
Where we live, it’s natural for my kids to learn about seasons. Autumn vines in orange glory, a river tumbling past our house in winter, and this, our favourite, strawberries in spring.
Fields of neat mounds draped with red berries surround us, sweet smelling boxes overflow in the shop isles, sometimes we pick them ourselves and we devour a box in a day.

I am determined for my little people to remember strawberry season forever. Eating so many that their lips turn red, happy spring days with bare feet in the sun. Green freshness bursting from trees, spring air and childish laughter.

An ode to the Strawberry:
Oh sweet smelling redness
Bursting with freshness

You appear each season
and give us reason
to await the welcome sun
with bare feet we run

Spring leaves and new vines
Remind us of good times
Many moments we steal
To enjoy you as a meal

Long after childhood days
The memory always stays
Fresh spring days
and bare feet plays.

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