Ever heard of Elim?

All roads certainly don’t lead to Elim. The GPS calls it 34°35′30″S 19°45′30″E.

On the map you might see L’Agulhas or Napier, but Elim is much smaller and might not feature at all. Its picturesque in an anachronistic kind of way. Not much has changed since its establishment as a Moravian mission station in the 1820’s. The local folk are clad in suits and skilled as nimble artisans. The area was selected (the by missionaries) for the ability to grow vines for communion… Need i say more. Good wine? Yes!

A weekend of driving with three small mites evoked feelings of self-inflicted torture. Nevertheless, we braved the road, and the reward was worth the ‘padkos’ sugar-rush.

Wild flowers and frolicking lambs were evidence of spring from Hermanus to Gansbaai and through Baardskeerdersbos (what de what?). Upon arrival at the Black Oystercatcher, we laboriously had to deal with delicious wine, seasonal food, a lawn, a pool, a puppy and joyous children in a laid-back beautiful setting. Hard, i know.

The climate in Elim is stormy, windy and cold and this results in excellent Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blends that age well. Go. Now. Experience the epicness of Ghost Corner and Strandveld Adamastor. John Platter loves it and so do we.

Finally, if you stay in the self-catering cottages at the Black Oystercatcher, they encourage you to help yourself from their luscious vegetable garden. Now that is what I call super cool.


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