About me

High five1

I would like to call myself a “student of life”.

Life never ceases to amaze me. The beauty, the depth, the uncertainty. All of it.

“Children laugh up to 300 times a day, and adults only 15 times a day”, therefore I refuse to grow up.

Currently I find myself performing a balancing act extrodinaire: starting a company, learning new skills and raising three young children. I’m trained as a chartered accountant (I know) but that simply propelled my ability to learn new things. So now I run an app studio creating the biggest library of educational apps for young children in local languages.
I most enjoy all the randomness that comes along with starting a business and raising a family: meetings with strangers, logistics (eek), travel agent, taxi driver, negotiator, handy-man, treasurer, gardener, chef, gift-wrapper, and happiness advocate to name but a few….

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